Handmade in Costa Rica using 100% biodegradable polyamide.

Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean?

Our bikinis are made with SPF 50 natural polyamide nylon. A 100% biodegradable material.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I just purchased 3 De'lohana bikinis and love all of them! The material is super soft, flattering, and so comfortable! They offer all the benefits of a high end swimsuit but at a much better price point! Their bikinis are handmade by single mothers, which I love! Not only do they make me feel good in my own skin, but also knowing my purchase plays a small part in their philanthropic work!
— -Stephanie Cefalia
Customer reviews
It is literally the most flattering cut EVER. I never find bottoms that fit and don’t make my hips look all funky and these are literally so perfect.
I’m obsessed and would like one in every color 😂
— Megan Bitney
Gaia bottom + Pura Vida top
Customer reviews
Estoy enamorada de sus bikinis. Este es mi favorito en la cuarentena.
— Anny Letona
Customer reviews
Love your kinis. It’s special to find quality pieces in Costa Rica.
— Natalie Walker
Customer reviews
Son demasiado bellos y las tallas perfectas. La mayoría de los bikinis siempre hay algo que no me gusta pero estos quedan perfectos.
— Jade Cardenas
Customer reviews
LOVE my new De’lohana bikini that I picked up on my honeymoon in Costa Rica. Keep making those bikinis, they’re amazing.
— Francesca Anna
Customer reviews
I wore one of your one piece suits today surfing solid waves and it is now my favorite one piece surf suit! I have the grey one and would like to order more colors next time.
— Meghan Koch